What a Folly………


I suspect that a Folly is predominantly a British phenomena.  There is a saying that “An Englishman’s Home is his Castle” and that is as true today as ever.

However in times gone by those who were lucky enough to live in Castles or Grand Mansion Houses seemed to want more.  So they built what became know as ‘Follies” in their grounds.  Often they were just a building, some times just a shell, that was built at a point where they felt it added to the beauty of the landscape or interest when viewed from the comfort of their home.

Sometime the fashion for a Folly became more serious, a building that was basic but that was able to be used for picnics, entertaining or even clandestine meetings. Most  were simply decorative and varied in the scale of there grandeur……and mainly were just built on the whim of the wealthy owner.

Broadway Tower has been called…

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