A beautiful blue haze

Cotswold Lavender

Cotswold Lavender is a lavender farm and because it is a farm, there are fields and fields of lavender giving a blue haze in the Summer sunshine and giving off a wonderful perfume as you brush past walking through the avenues of lavender – it is an amazing sight.

Guests often ask about Cotswold Lavender and we are left to give them the disappointing news they are out of season. So now is a good time to check your calendar and book in for when the lavender fields are open to visitors.

Cotswold Lavender usually opens about 10th June and they close about 6th August. These are “about” times so don’t take it too literally.

Cotswold Lavender

If you haven’t heard of Cotswold Lavender, what’s the attraction? It is a lavender farm which means they grow lavender as a commercial crop. At the right time, the lavender is harvested and is used to make a vast array of lavender products from the obvious dried lavender bags to pop into a drawer to make it smell nice, to soaps and cosmetics, and even culinary uses such as lavender sugar to bake cakes.

There are beds of different lavender varieties when you first go in showing the different sizes, leaf colour and flower colour, and then you enter the main lavender fields.

So when is the best time to visit?  Whilst it opens around 10th June, the lavender probably won’t be in full flower at that time, so I’d be inclined to leave it a little longer and suggest July would be the best time to visit. Towards the end of July, the lavender will start to be harvested so the more distant fields will lose their impact, but you get the opportunity to visit the distillery sheds when they are in action. The lavender has to be distilled the same day it is cut and the end product is lavender oil.

Once you’ve visit the lavender fields, have a browse in the shop and maybe a cup of tea in the café with a piece of lavender cake or a lavender scone!

For more information: www.cotswoldlavender.co.uk/ .

Apple Tree Bed and Breakfast is located in the village of Broadway in the Cotswolds. Contact us on 01386 853681 or visit www.appletreebroadway.co.uk for details and availability.

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