Limited Opening

Limited Opening – what does that mean? Places only open for a limited period, sometimes a month, sometimes a week and sometimes just an afternoon, so they need special planning to visit them and to be in the Cotswolds at the right time.

The first place has got to be Cotswold Lavender. There are fields and fields of lavender which look spectacular. They use the lavender oil for all sorts so enjoy sniffing round their shop too. For 2019, Cotswold Lavender is open from 8th June – 4th August. About 3 miles from Apple Tree Bed & Breakfast.

Upper Slaughter Manor also has limited opening. It is an Elizabethan Manor house and has a fabulous garden. House tours are available. For 2019, the open days are: Monday 10th – Sunday 16th June, Monday 24th – Sunday 30th June, Monday 8th July – Sunday 14th July, and Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th July – all subject to the weather. Upper Slaughter Manor is around 14 miles from Apple Tree Bed & Breakfast.

Stanton is a fabulously pretty Cotswold village and deserves a visit in its own right. However, on Sunday 16th June 2019, it is the annual Stanton Village Open Gardens day under the National Gardens Scheme. Open from 2pm to 6 pm this is extremely limited opening and our guests come back saying how wonderful the experience was. About 3 miles from Apple Tree Bed & Breakfast.

Stanway Water Fountain is the highest gravity fed fountain in the world and is a fabulous sight at 300 feet. Stanway House & Garden is open in 2019 in June, July and August on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 pm to 5 pm; the Fountain plays at set hours in the afternoons. Located about 5 miles from Apple Tree Bed & Breakfast.

This is a new place to visit to me. The Confetti Flower Field is just what it says. They ‘farm’ flower petals and make confetti from them so you can imagine how colourful their flower field is. For 2019 they are open from Friday 28th June to Sunday 7th July. Situated near Pershore, the Confetti Flower Field is about 10 miles from Apple Tree Bed & Breakfast.

The National Garden Scheme (NGS) allows unique access to more than 3,500 gardens all over the UK. Many are private gardens with access at no other time and the Cotswolds has lots of them! Within 15 miles of Apple Tree Bed & Breakfast there are 104 gardens and within 25 miles 306. Many are open for only 1 day a year, so browse through and pick out the ones you want to visit and plan your trip soon.

Please check all information and details before travelling.

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